Our story

Inspired by the idea of creating unique and fun pieces specifically made for proud science lovers.

Andrea, a young Biochemist (DNAndrea on YouTube) funded The Cool DNA in 2021. 

The concept arose from Andrea's passion for science, which along with her restless personality and creative mind made the best combination to create a brand that represents us in the most natural way and makes us proud of being nerds. That is why we designed our pieces based on the most relatable and common things in a scientist's life. 

Our pieces

T-Shirts & Hoodies: we offer day-to-day, comfortable, basic and fashionable pieces which you can wear and combine easily, and at the same time feel represented by in a fun way. Everything about The Cool DNA revolves around our commitment to help you look your best and boost your confidence. 

Mugs & Tote Bags: the perfect complements to make your daily routine a little less boring. Show off! Be a PROUD science freak! Inside the lab, and outside of it. The mugs and tote bags you can find in our site are original and useful, designed carefully and in an environmentally friendly way.